customized handmade jewellery and accessories

My first foray into designing my own jewellery from scratch

Handmade by Shona

I decided a long time ago that what I found on the High Street was never quite right for me and I would customize clothes, jewellery, bags, basically everything I owned had been altered somehow.

And then in 2012 I saw Marvel’s Avengers for the first of many times and decided that I wanted a wrist cuff with the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on it. I looked everywhere I could think of but couldn’t find anything close to what I had in my head, so I got hold of a cheap bead loom and taught myself how to make one. The resulting cuff is pictured on the right and can still be found fro sale both on this site and on that of my former business partner at

I soon graduated to a larger loom and began a fascination with transferring symbols into the medium of seed beads—to me this seemed to be such an obvious step to take that I was surprised to find none of the kind I was making on the market. With a fellow fan I formed the company Rain Doodles and started selling the cuffs both online and at Collectormania and MCM Expo Comic Con.

I felt the need for a wider range of handmade items and soon began experimenting with shrink plastic and set up on my own. All of shrink pieces are hand drawn using permanent inks and sealed to ensure a longer lasting finish.

First and foremost I’m a fan and make things I want to wear—it still makes my day when I see others like pieces I spent time and love creating—and I am always on the look out for new ideas both for items to make and for shows/movies/games/books to fall in love with!

The items on the site are only a small sample of what I can make—I am more than happy to customize existing pieces or make something from scratch to your specifications so that your jewellery is exactly what you want. Contact me anytime to discuss your next favorite piece of jewellery!