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Text Box: Teen Wolf cord charm bracelet

Waxed cotton charm bracelet with shrink plastic charms featuring Derek’s Triskelion tattoo and Scott’s “band” tattoo, accompanied by a glass jar of “mountain ash”

Product Summary

¨ Waxed cotton hand-knotted cord

¨ Adjustable via sliding knots, fits wrists from 6”-81/2”

¨ 20mm glass vial filled with wood ash, sealed with epoxy glue.

Price: £10.00

Soon to begin it’s fifth season, Teen Wolf has established itself as one of the most popular shows currently on air. This bracelet celebrates this by combining three of our favourite characters with Scott’s “band” tattoo design, Derek’s Triskelian Alpha-Beta-Omega tattoo, and of course Stiles’ love of red cord linking evidence chains…

It also includes a glass vial of mountain ash* to keep away uninvited werewolves labeled with Deaton’s distinctive symbol for the same.

The charms are hand drawn in permanent ink on clear plastic and are sealed with a gloss artist’s varnish to ensure a longer lasting finish.

*I can confirm this is genuine wood ash, however the quantity of Rowan ash may be in doubt—however, I will be happy to refund you if you are attacked by a werewolf!

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